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There's something exciting going on in Cape Town every week. Be the first to know what's new with our newsletter:. These are our six stellar featured women from Clickthrough for 's featured trailblazers.

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Rape, domestic abuse and issues Women of cape town to gender inequality are still way too prevalent in a country that has come so far in the fight against discrimination, and the need to use the holiday as an instrument of advocacy and to shine the spotlight on the savvy sisters defying norms is paramount. From the moment Shelley Barry saw her first movie, Annie, as a young girl, she knew she wanted to work in the magical world of film — a dream that would stay with her for the rest of her life.

InShelley was caught in the cross fire of rival taxi groups A bullet that was meant for the taxi driver punctured both of her lungs and severed her spine leaving her paralysed and reliant on a speaking valve. As a disabled filmmaker, Shelley has had to overcome many challenges; nonetheless she has leapt forward in the filmmaking world and has created several internationally award-winning documentaries, notably for her first film, Whole — A Trinity of Being, which won several awards internationally.

Shelley is also the founder and director of twospinningwheels productions, which specialises in documentary and short fiction and is currently a filmmaker in residence at the Women's and Gender studies department at UWC with the long term vision of teaching documentary production interdepartmentally. She has also served in both the Mandela and Mbeki administrations as an advisor on disability policy. She always told me I was great even when I wrote a bad poemso that grounded me so much. I was also inspired by English teacher Grace Grimsel, who taught me how to meditate and loved my writing.

I am also deeply inspired by fellow artists and writers here in South Africa. Mira Nair believed in me. Brenda Goldblatt gave me my first camera. Frida Kahlo is my sister from another lifetime. Following the murder of her father in and the blatant disregard and destruction of evidence containing DNA by the police, community members and other first-on-crime scene responders, Vanessa Lynch began to seek ways in which to meaningfully contribute towards the alleviation of crime in South Africa.

Introduce the DNA Project. Where some may not have been able to find the strength, this incredible woman did and because of her determination and resilience and her ability to forge relationships with police and governmentwe now have a pioneering new DNA Act on our statute books: The Criminal Law Forensic Procedures Amendment Act 37 of DNA Actwhich came into law on January 27, and into effect early this year on January 31, It is now mandatory for all arrested and convicted scheduled eight offenders to be swabbed for DNA and the stored in the DNA database.

An eccentric, non-conventional and unforgettable woman not always for the right reasons! Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan environmentalist who began a movement to reforest her country by paying poor women a few shillings to plant trees and who went on to become the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize. She started the Green Belt Movement - its mission was to plant trees across Kenya to fight erosion and to create firewood for fuel and jobs for women - to date 30 million trees in Africa have been planted and nearlywomen in Africa have been helped. It took her one tree to plant a forest, a philosophy that I have always lived by and her achievement shows how that is in fact possible.

Taryn Lock believes that reading is the foundational skill required for youngsters to excel at school and become constructive members of society. Both initiatives aim to Women of cape town children to learn to read and love it as well as read the required of books per a year. While the NGO has ly focused on learners in Mitchells Plain, this year they have branched out to primary schools in Soweto, Johannesburg. Not to mention, the Department of Basic Education has endorsed all of their programmes. She has always supported me and encouraged me to do the best that I can be. I admire her strength, unconditional love, her hard work and dedication.

I am a stronger woman today because of her. Furthermore, I really admire and respect Malala Yousafzai who is an inspirational Women of cape town lady who has fought so hard for female education in Pakistan. Malala has faced so many challenges and despite the many assassination attempts by the Taliban this teenager still stands strong and fights for human rights.

She inspires me to be brave, to stand up for my beliefs and to fight for dignity for all. This born and bred Capetonian and mother of two may be owner and senior deer of her new start-up graphic de business by trade, but this extremely brave individual is so much more than what her professional title suggests.

Owing to her keen interest in reptiles and snakes, Marisa attended a course with the Cape Reptile Institute in Unaware of the possibility for women and volunteers to be firefighters, Marisa was excited by the opportunity and after her first weekend of training, she was hooked. Marisa was also awarded a certificate for the most overall volunteer hours completed by a new recruit since the fire season started Women of cape town September — a worthy award for the fire-heroine. My step-mother who has taught me to be gracious and is the most humble person I know.

My three sisters who show me what it means to be strong and graceful. My best friend, Tanja, who is my rock and my daughter, Nikita, who has been my inspiration since the day she was born. Originally from Kokstad, KwaZulu Natal, this inspiring Cape Town-based woman is doing wonders in her community, Khayelitsha by uplifting others to take charge of their lives and households through urban agriculture. Now the Operations Manager at Abalimi Bezekhaya, an urban agriculture UA and environmental action EA association operating in the socio-economically neglected townships of Khayelitsha, Nyanga and surrounding areas on the Cape Flats, Mama Christina Kaba aims to inspire and empower other women in her community.

Shortly after settling in Langa, Cape Town, where she originally worked as a domestic worker in Sea Point, Mama Kaba, as she is affectionately known, and her husband moved to Khayalitsha owing to his new job. Times became tough for the husband and wife and in an attempt to help with their financial struggles, Mama Kaba began growing vegetables in her back garden. Little did she know, however, she was growing something a lot bigger than just organic goods. Despite only having a Grade 4 education Women of cape town not being able to read or write, Mama Kaba Women of cape town encouraged owing to her green fingers to apply for the Abalimi project opening up in Khayelitsha at the time.

Owing to her incredible skill and knowledge in farming, Mama Kaba was awarded the position and inthe first Abalimi community garden in Khayelitsha was grown. In addition to Abalimi, Mama Kaba has been the forerunner of many projects in Khayelitsha including the community swimming pool and the Manyanani Peace Park.

Through these projects she aims to empower the women and men of Khayelitsha and make them proud Women of cape town where they live.

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These are just a few of her many achievements. Use our events section for Women of cape town up-to-date overview of happenings in Cape Town. On at Norval Foundation. Your answers were delightful plus Uber Go explained Wolfkop holiday specials: glamp for up Plus 9 activities also at half-price: bodyboard the Olifants, hike, see rock paintings The door closes.

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