Which soccer player are you most like

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Which Footballer Should You Marry? Scroll To Start Quiz. I don't mind not being in it. It's not very important to me. It's nice when it is earned. I crave it at all costs. Not too fast. A bit fast. Fairly fast. Light speed. Not at all. Keep them away from me! Sometimes I'll need to get away. It's fine by me. I look forward to it! Not much at all. I'm okay with travel. I like travel. I love travel, but only in extreme style. The UK. Just one. Just two. Which soccer player are you most like or more. It's nice just to be comfortable.

I'd like not to ever have to worry. I need to have more than most of the people I know. I need to be the richest there is. I'd rather not have to. I don't mind, from time to time. I love fans!

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I'm in this for the adulation. I hate that. It's unsportsmanlike. It's part of the game. It's an art, and I'm cool with that. It's not really becoming. Not at all important. Somewhat important. As long as he has a square jaw, I'm okay with it.

Looks are more important than anything else. Some day. Not right now!

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Heavily involved. I want him to do something every day. I want him to be around at least a couple days a week. I Which soccer player are you most like want him around the. No, it would be an honor to be even fourth best. No, because it would be on the road to one. No, it's still a huge step up from the crowd.

Yes, I must be one! Low key. About average. Quite a bit flashy. Like a supernova. Yes, he has to have a big brain. No, it's fine as long as he can spell his name. He should at least know to let someone else handle his money. He only needs to be smart in ways that make him good at his job. Not very disciplined. Pretty disciplined. Like a surgeon.

Like a Marine drill sergeant. I'm not falling apart. I can squat my own weight. I could do laundry on my abs. I'm rock hard. Very rarely. Not often. Not to my face! I'm not very sporty. I'm content to cheer from the sidelines. I'm pretty sporty, in my own way. I'm the sportiest. As long as I have a couple years in one place, I'm fine. I mind. I need at least 10 years.

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I'm okay with frequent moves. Very important. Not important at all. Fairly important. It's the most important thing. Three at most. Two at most. As many as biology will let me crank out. A modest house. I don't care so long as it is in the high status neighborhood.

Pretty big. Volvo XC Cadillac Escalade. Bently Bentayga. I never want to have to drive, but if I do drive, it should be the most bleeding edge luxury car there is. I'd rather not. If it's only for a year or two. If it's well paid. I'll do it for life! Some would be nice. When I'm not near where my husband plays, I'd like to be anonymous. Only among those who don't follow football.

Which soccer player are you most like

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