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Are you ready for some single mom dating tips that are going to teach you how to meet men as a single mom? Are you a single mom wondering how to meet men? I get it. I am a single mom, I want to meet guys as a single mom AND not just any ole busted behind guy, right?

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But a good one. From single mom to single mom I can read your mind right now. You are a single mom, you have work to worry about, you have your kids to worry about, and you feel like you never have time to go anywhere or do anything for yourself. You may be restricted when it comes to time, energy, you do not feel right going to these clubs and partying your brains out.

And more than anything you want to meet good quality men not just a man that is interesting in hitting it and quitting it. Does that sound about right? I told you I got you! In this post I will give you some single mom dating rules and ideas on how and where to meet Where do single moms meet guys quality men. But before we get started I do have to get some things out of the way. But meeting a man is not an excuse to develop single mom syndrome and abandon your children so that you can find a man. Remember you have obligations as a mother first. I also do not believe in chasing and running down men to date you.

Desperation is not a good look as a single mom is not a good look. I am giving you tips on where to meet a man. I am not giving you permission to be desperate and chase after every man you see. I am giving you permission to put yourself out there in the right places to attract the right Where do single moms meet guys of man. Also, check out my video for single moms and dating for more tips. As a single mom your time without your children may already be limited. Therefore you want to try to incorporate the places you go as a natural part of your day without having to pay for a baby sitter or not being able to pick up your children from the after school program.

Check out my video down below for activites you can do when you are a lonley single mom. Happy hour is such a good idea because more people go after work, which means that you know men you meet there are more likely to have a job. Ideally as a single mother looking to meet a man you do not want a man with no job. I really feel you should know that but in this day and age you just never know.

A man with no job will be like you taking care of another child click to read my blog here on not taking care of a man. And the bonus of happy hour is that you can go right after work and leave at a decent time to be home in time to take care of your children.

If you can really plan a happy hour spot near your job or even near the place where you have to pick up your kid that is ideal.

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So it does not put you too much out of your way to get there. You can also check out my video down below for more single mom dating rules on how to meet men as a single mom. I actually have a FREE ebook for a Where do single moms meet guys long capsule wardrobe where I give you outfit ideas and what you should have in your wardrobe that can help you out with this. or the picture below to get it. I understand that some moms do not have time to sit and go to happy hour after work, they may have to rush and pick up their children. So you can also try before work. Going into a coffee shop or Starbucks to have morning coffee is a great way to meet men.

Also, it is more likely that men in coffee shops in the morning are also getting ready to go to their job.

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If you notice a key trend here is a man with a job. As a single mother that is the man you want because he shows responsibility.

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The bookstore can be ideal for a self-trip or a kid trip. What I do NOT recommend is going to obviously troll for men with your children with you. But if you bump into one and he ask for your no harm no foul.

It is not like you are going to go make Where do single moms meet guys in front of your kids in the book store. Or I hope not. A book store can be good because they often have kids sections where your children can enjoy their time there to and it has all sections for men as well. As an added bonus many of them have a coffee shop and wifi. Feel free to enjoy some coffee, hook up to the wifi, and get some work done.

Once again men who read are GOOD. That is what I mean by when I say single mother should look for a certain caliber of men. Ones that have positive habits, like reading. I am not anti-dating people at work see my blog Where do single moms meet guys as long as it is done right. Depending on the job you have there may be many agencies in the building in which you work. Go to the coffee shop in the building, the Cafeteria at work, if you work in the business district or a busy area then go outside a few times of week and sit and eat lunch there.

It is a large chance other people i. Also check out my video down below for more places to meet good quality men. Men like to workout and if you like to work out or want to start working out then go to the gym. Once again as a single mother if you are pressed for time then try to go during your lunch break, before work, or right after work.

Anytime is a good time for men to be at the gym. As a bonus there are many gyms who also offer childcare as apart of the membership fee, which for single moms is of course important. I hope I was able to help you learn how to meet men as a single mom.

But mostly importantly never let you wanting a man turn you into someone else. You have children and you have to wear the mommy hat and the woman who is ready for a relationship hat. Do go overboard with how you go about meeting men.

Did you know that I have a book specifically for single moms? Also cli ck here or the picture below to my list Sophie-stication Nation and you can get the first chapter for free. Sophie, I am SO glad I found your website!! I have read dozens of your articles, and they are truly inspirational. You are every single mothers hero!! We live close to each other, both have great careers, frequent the same places, have the same friends, etc. He is considerate, kind, and generous.

I see him a few times a week, but only when I am not doing things with my daughters. He always meets me there. We have friends, some couples, that go regularly too. I leave and go home to my kids after hours.

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Most of the time, he leaves when I do. Do I want him to stay at home bored? Do I trust him? Am I jealous? So why do I get so low-key aggravated when he goes out without me? Girl, I tell myself this all the time, but the Devil puts that bug in my ear still!

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