Ultimate sad song

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Recently we made a playlist of the 50 most uplifting songs ever. Beneath the brassy exterior, Winehouse had a real fragility that was never better bared than on this iconic track, and its monochrome video. On the face of it, a laserquest should be a great day out. Soulful desperation at its best. The shipping forecast has never sounded so loaded.

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Depression is not an easy thing to talk about, nor sing about, but this bleak track by The National feels suitably spiralling and claustrophobic. The song plays during a scene where Bella drowns. All we want if for him to start up LCD Soundsystem and headline a major festival next year. Was it about recreational drugs or medication? It was the sound of a man who had lost his true love, and was himself staring death in the face. A beautiful, painful listen. He asks to be taken next, so they can be together again. Anyone who has lost love, listened to this song and not bawled their eyes out is a bonafide psychopath.

Anyone got a tissue? The saddest misanthropic Ultimate sad song of all time. Loneliness, emptiness, Ultimate sad song, no sun and a blue coat. Not the best person to go on holiday with, then. In it, Parton takes the role of a desperate woman appealing to the beautiful Jolene not to steal her husband. Deft sketches that say so much. Released inthis is the kind of indie power balladry that would have soundtracked a tearful goodbye on The OCa song about being separated from the ones you love in which the power lies in its minimalism. Singer Mark Linkous died inhaving battled depression for most of his life.

If you can bear the sorrow, this is a perfect song to remember him by. The harmonica is haunting, and pained.

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The two tears that roll down her cheek in the video were, apparently, not faked. Does anyone else think Bright Eyes would be a lot better if they changed their Ultimate sad song Listen out for Johnny Greenwood on the ondes martenot. Plunging basslines and fragile vocals spin an intricate capsule story, the idea of a struggling industrial community getting by making of ships that their sons are then sent off to war in.

We miss you, Jeff. It was released in and remains one of the greatest songs of the 21st century. Anthems to soothe your soul. By Sarah Anderson.

Ultimate sad song

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The 50 best sad songs ever written