Thanks for sex

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Knowing what to say after sex can create an intimate moment between you and your partner, Thanks for sex him or her know that you had a good time, and clarify how you feel about him or her. Here are some good ways to break that awkward silence. Here are best things you can say to your long-time partner after sex. So, here are good things you can say to make him or her feel more comfortable. Now that you know what to say after sex, there is no longer any reason to suffer through that dreaded awkward silence.

Speak out and let your sexual partner know how you feel. Dealing with betrayal from someone you trusted really hurts. When you see something or somebody attractive, or Thanks for sex think looks great, the first descriptive word Connect with us. Here are 25 things you can say after sex to a committed partner or a one night stand:. Photo by Toa Heftiba on unsplash. It means that you had a good time and you wish you guys had done it sooner. Photo by Pavel Chusovitin on unsplash. Photo by Jonathan Borba on unsplash. It shows that you are impressed by them.

This shows that you have longed for intimacy with him or her and that the sex you just had made up for everything that you missed. Photo by Brittney Borowski on reshot. This is the perfect time to use those three little words. Using this lets him or her know precisely how much you enjoyed it. Photo by Amy Humphries on reshot. This phrase complements his or her sexual prowess and will serve as a perfectly timed ego boost. This is a perfect comment for after a long sex session that left both of you breathless. Image Thanks for sex Pixabay under Pexels. When you wake up, this is the perfect good morning because it will make your partner feel closer to you.

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Thanks for sex

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