Swinging hotels in uk

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Upstairs, Gina Walker toys with the black straps hanging from the ceiling. The big ladies, they have a whale of a time swinging all over the place. Oooh, it's a fab club. Downstairs, surrounded by smoked-glass mirrors in a softly lit bar, thirtysomething couples in smart casuals sip champagne cocktails on leather sofas. The Ricky Martin song She Bangs plays on the sound system.

The Liberty Hotel squats in the Leicestershire countryside on the edge of the A5, a convenient 10 minutes from the M1 and the M6. BMWs and Mondeos line up in the car park. It looks a comfortable stop for a sales rep. But at weekends Liberty becomes Liberation, a high-class club for swingers that is set to transform the seedy image of swinging and the staid hotel industry.

Such has been the Swinging hotels in uk success since it opened on Valentine's Day that a bedroom branch is proposed outside London. Lone perverts are out; jazz, spa baths and fluffy white bathrobes are in. Beyond a discreet glass cabinet displaying a "cordless micro-pleasurer" and a "vibrating finger vibe", lies the "playroom".

Ms Walker, 37, a guide and "door supervisor", shows guests the voyeurs' room, and a series of other rooms in dark red decor, with double beds, mirrors, lava lamps, and various contraptions, including stocks and "the swings". In the corner are wet wipes, bowls of condoms and piles of clean towels. They tried several swinging clubs but were put off by what Mr Armstrong-Nash calls "the shag and go" concept: sleazy dives with drinks in plastic tumblers, where couples are plagued by that habitual irritant of the swingers' scene - the single bloke who has paid to get in and feels entitled to sex.

It has strict rules - no cameras or mobile phones; a closed door means a couple don't want to be disturbed; staff never in - and an emphasis on people only doing what they are comfortable with. No professions are barred, but single men and women are vetted. He's really good-looking and the women Swinging hotels in uk love him.

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Friday night is "new swingers" night. Eight visibly nervous couples are greeted by Mr and Mrs Armstrong-Nash, who give them an introductory speech, champagne and dinner. In the bar, more experienced swingers, including Lindsey, 37, and Craig, 33, arrive. Preferring to go under assumed names, the couple, a company director and an operations manager who live in the Midlands, say that swinging must remain "the biggest secret you have" because of the misconceptions. They have been coming to the hotel for seven months, finding it "more sophisticated", with better "etiquette" and a nicer class of cliental than traditional swinging clubs.

There are no people running around naked. There are no mass orgies. It is all a choice. Nothing is a foregone conclusion. Craig added: "It's a Swinging hotels in uk feeling coming to a club like this. During your working day it gives you more confidence. If I'm honest, the reason I come here is because it's so naughty. UK news. This article is more than 16 years old.

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Swinging hotels in uk

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