Should i hook up with a random guy

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Though his negative feelings towards you may go on despite explaining yourself, it will at least provide him with context to the situation, and possibly initiate the process of forgiving you. In the meantime, when deciding the appropriate way to proceed, I recommend trying to reconcile your feelings about the situation.

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Instead of thinking about what you did wrong, think about what you can learn and take away from this situation, and how you can bring these experiences into your next relationships to help you navigate them in a healthier way. I remember when I cheated on my ex-boyfriend, it took me forever to move on from it because he, rightfully, refused to forgive me for what I did. For the longest time my hepace was perpetually occupied by hateful thoughts towards myself. Also — make sure to take care of yourself during this time. Practicing self love and self care by taking time to enjoy yourself and your day-to-day activities can help to expedite the healing process as well.

Breakups are never wanted and someone always gets hurt. Feeling sad and vulnerable is normal! It might take your ex some time to forgive you. Keep in mind that your breakup was relatively recently and the wound is still fresh.

I understand your decision to party in efforts of trying to get your mind off of the breakup, but alcohol has its sneaky downfalls! It will take some time for him to accept your actions because he might be hurt by them. You two are already broken up, and from what I understand, you are trying to sustain a friendship after the breakup.

Ensure that he knows that you truly did Should i hook up with a random guy intend to hurt him.

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Only time can tell at this point. Best of luck!

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Hi there! He was most likely also feeling vulnerable after the break-up, and then to hear that his ex had hooked up with someone else so soon might have made him feel even worse.

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In this case I think time is going to be your friend. Rushing him to forgive you and move on from the relationship will make things more uncomfortable for both of you. Good Luck! You are here Home I hooked up with a random guy and regret telling my ex about it. I hooked up with a random guy and regret telling my ex about it.

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March 3, So I was dating a guy from high school for around months. We really loved and cared for each other, and we dated throughout the school year, the summer before college, and a little bit into freshman year of college.

We argued a little too much, and we ended on good terms. Obviously I was still very sad and vulnerable, so a few days after the breakup, I decided to go party and drink a lot. I ended up hooking up with a random guy and drunk texted my ex about it. Good luck! Hope this helps! Justin Hello! Angela Hi there!

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Should i hook up with a random guy

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Should i hook up with a random guy