Pictures of shih poo puppies

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These small, long-haired dogs have a round face, rounded button eyes, a long nose, hanging ears and a triangular muzzle, giving it a very close resemblance to teddy bears. Unlike many other crossbreedstheir tail is usually not docked but left long. Their little size and obedient nature make them an ideal family dog, perfect for apartment life. Basically, Shih-poo is a quiet, obedient dog. The tiny size of the shih-poo has made them typically shy towards strangers.

However, having a friendly disposition, they are keen in Pictures of shih poo puppies their owners. They know how to socialize with children and other pets. It is pretty easy for the owner to train this intelligent, alert pet. They are loyal, loving and affectionate, enjoying attention and spending time caressed, sitting on the laps of their family members.

This makes them a good companion dog to families with elderly people. The ready-to-please attitude, along with loyalty and intelligence have made the shihpoos easily trainable. Socialize them from their puppy-days, and train them get used to strangers and be tolerant with other pets. Crate training is also easy, since this dog loves to poop and pee in such places that are away from their sleeping place.

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Like many small dogs, this breed tends to act stubborn at times. So be sure to be strict and authoritative while training so that they understand the rule that it is you who is the leader of its new pack. But never be rude, since these dogs do not respond well to harsh training techniques. Like most other dogs of the size, insist on raw meat diet, and try avoiding foods not good for dogs in general. But, to be specific, dry foods like kibble is advisable for this breed, since they are prone to develop issues with teeth and might very easily suffer from premature loss of teeth.

This should also keep it safe from gum infections and bad breath. Hi Catherine, It is evident that your dog is trying to be protective and jealous or possessive at the same time. When your dog claims his food bowl, toys, sleeping area, or you as his own, he is telling you that he is confused, feels insecure, and lacks confidence. He Pictures of shih poo puppies afraid another pet will take all those things he cherishes.

You may also consult an animal behaviorist in your locality to deal with unwanted behavior. I just got a 5 month old shipoo puppy Sunny I am a little nervous because deviant pooping.

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He eats throughout the day and has access to water at all times. Should I be concerned? My Shih Poo is 3 yrs old. She eats Science Diet. She weighs 15 lbs. Great weight for her. She is black and white, super smart, energetic and loving. If we walk on leash, she lunges, growls and barks at other people and dogs.

At home, super sweet and great with my small grandchildren. She only acts this way when we are walking. She is very shy at the vets and groomers, pants, yawns alot. Yes, she understands what we say!! Nice to hear I am just starting out with Pictures of shih poo puppies little friend. Any hints on paper trading? I have a small pack 4 dogs all small breeds. All of them were easy to train because we put in a doggie door to our back yard.

They all use puppy p when it is raining outside. And we feed all the dogs together. We give them food, treats, snacks, etc…together. We even buy each one a separate toy as well. They have to sit first and then they get their reward. They each have a name collar and a harness. Each one knows their harness and they get very excited because that means they r going somewhere. Mine is the same way. She understands everything I say to her. So precious and I love her. We take her to the Groomer often Her nails grow so fast.

My shihpoo was just born about 1. I am planning on taking extra time off work to get him settled in. That being said I would have to get him at about 6. Just wonder your thoughts? Pros and cons? Hi, were did you buy your shih poo and how much did you hsve to pay? We had to put our shih tzu to sleep in January. Looking to place my shipoo in a new home.

He is 14months and is a wonderful dog. My career simply can not afford the time to take care of him. Serious inquiries only, please me: krisjolly14 gmail. We live in Clinton Twp. Michigan and lost our 14yr old goldendoole in Nov. We would Love more info? Where are you located? Is he neutered? All shots up to date?

What is his size? Do you have pictures? Thank you. I just got Pictures of shih poo puppies Shihpoo as a gift for my 4. Im drained but I love her! I also need any advice on potty training her as well. This is our first puppy ever. Thanks in advance! Let her sleep with you. That solved my problem. I took my little shi poo who was only 3 pounds to bed with me because all he did was cry in the crate all night long. The minute I brought him to my bed he was happy and just slept next to me the entire night. Until the next morning when he needed to go out.

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These kind of dogs just love being with you all the time. Very easy traing shih poo will train on their own very Start using the traing p and create traing, after a few months the puppy will start to go its own. They understand our language very well also. I love my male shih poo — born Novembet Hello, I got Ellie as a surprise from my family. She will be 1 year old on She is extremely hyper and bites while playing.

Pictures of shih poo puppies

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