Physical dating boundaries

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Or like, ya know…how to actually set them? If onlyyy it was that easy! With them in place you feel safe, validated and respected and you deserve allll of the above, okay? They help prevent any added stress or anxiety that you wanna avoid umm, yes please! Being Physical dating boundaries with each other about what makes you feel comfortable, safe and heard? Physical boundaries include your body, physical touch and personal space.

So, of course, things like hand-holding, hugging, cuddling and kissing. Your privacy is a physical boundary too. You have the right to your Physical dating boundaries And the idea of heavily making out with your partner in front of your whole crew at Sunday brunch? Still unsure what to say when it comes to setting those physical boundaries, though? Hey, we gotchu. Try out some of these:. Sexual boundaries are all about your comfort level as far as when you have sex, where you have sex, who you have sex with, and what contraceptives you want to use.

Sex acts, sexual comments, you name it. Maybe certain things are triggering for you, so you ask to avoid them altogether.

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There could also be things you wanna explore sexually, like any kinks or fantasies you have. So be open! Here are a few phrases you can use for setting sexual boundaries:. Setting emotional boundaries means respecting and validating all of the feels.

In relationships, material boundaries include finances and possessions.

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In the early stages of dating, this might not come up right away. You wanna be on the same here! You already know that!

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So, when it comes to making plans with your partner, like a fun date night on the town or a weekend getaway to the mountains, you really look forward to that quality time. On the flip side, you might just want some time to yourself. Both are valid!

Boundaries can be a scary thing, we get it. Want to improve your mental health, but don't know where to start? Download the DiveThru App.

Physical dating boundaries

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