Photographs of men

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. For the past twenty years, authors Hugh Nini and Neal Treadwell were scavenging flea markets, estate sales, old suitcases, family archives, online auctions, and shoeboxes Photographs of men collect 2, old photographs. All taken from the s to s, the sensitive pictures bear witness to the romance between men when male partnerships were illegal. It was that the expression of love between these men that spanned different decades, centuries, and countries turned out to be almost identical.

The captivating gazes and embracing poses reveal a world entirely different from the one we live in today. Taken in various settings, from military to domestic, and natural, the photos speak volumes about time-defying feelings of love and affection Photographs of men societal norms had not matured just yet.

More info: Instagram Loving This post may include affiliate links. He passed away two years later. For the past thirteen years, the Texan couple based in New York devoted their time to browsing flea markets and garage sales for historical snaps of men in love. After the transaction was complete, we asked the seller if he would like to see how we had been mounting our photos into albums. He replied, yes. He went through both albums without a word.

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When he got to the last of the second album, he closed it quietly and then said, 'You have to publish these. I'd be interested to know if the story behind this has been preserved. Kinda looks like they're just goofing around to me? During the process, Hugh and Neal said that they had of photos they would refer to. But it turns out, determining whether the men in photos were having Photographs of men feeling towards each other was not always easy.

Nini and Treadwell shared the rule they invented when deciding whether or not to acquire a photo or snapshot. When possible, though, there is one sure way to determine if a photo is 'loving. There Photographs of men an unmistakable look that two people have when they are in love. There's nothing like lying in bed with the person you love and just wasting the day away. This photo is just full of innocent, youthful joy - it's beautiful! I just don't understand how bigoted types get so irate about the love lives of other people. They may never meet them, and it definitely won't impact their lives in any way, yet they get so upset about it.

There is only 'love. It is universally the same for all. That being said, nearly thirty years ago, when we first began dating, it would be safe to say that our families didn't envision the loving relationship we already had, and still have today.

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Most importantly, they hope that if there are parents who realize their child is going to grow up and love someone of the same gender, maybe they will come across this photo book. Provenance: Us. I love how one is gently grasping the others finger Did they just engage in a wild Photographs of men of passionate sex and then wake up, quickly get dressed to take this photo?

There's a story that happened shortly before this photo was taken. Very cool. This picture is easy to pretty accurately date since the front stairs are not totally complete. I find it amazing how back in these men could find one another for support and friendship.

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So nice to see and so sad that almost all of these people had to live their entire life secretly. We have many freedoms now Photographs of men they didn't, but also still a long way to go. I am a lesbian, and I cannot agree more. I live as an expat in Eurasia, and I am dating. I cannot show s of love, such as holding hands or kissing. Its horribile, and these people should have been able to do that without fear of punishment. There is a Twitter called Whores of Yore that highlights facts of sex and sexuality throughout history.

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Photographs of men

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Book Of Old Photographs Of Male Couples Showcases What History Books Seem To “Forget” (30 Pics)