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Catch up on stories from the past week and beyond at the Slashdot story archive. When you get to frame the issue the way you want, you can try to convince the people that it was for their own good.

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Snowden may likely say show that it was used abused in practice, and the NSA likely wants to say that they prevented a suspected domestic terrorist. Yup, this is exactly it. Unfortunately a whole lot of people don't think much about what we already know. The few that know and care won't be easily pacified by what the NSA starts releasing.

We already know they lie, and anyone that trusts a liar is a fool. Personally, I think the damage control is not really needed. I guess it may be trying to push some people back down into slumber. The Obamacare fiasco shows just how far out of reality countless Americans really are.

Don't get me wrong, people are waking up. I'm just not confident enough will be awake in time to prevent some very very bad things from happening in a very short time. They may be misinformed about the depth of the problems, but even the problems they can see are enough to demand better oversight. In the UK, the press is very pro-surveillance nanny state, Nsa wanted bored here even there that's swinging now against the spooks mass surveillance programs. They're trying to rein it back in with "speculation help. Funny thing about "oversight".

On the one hand it means some mechanism to keep tabs on some process making sure it doesn't run amok. On the other hand it also means to neglect something. Polls are nonsense a grand majority of the time. Sadly, the rest of us who didn't want that to happen are also stuck with this garbage. In both countries the governments own the media.

More appropriately, the same people controlling the governments control the media. Neither place has had any type of reform, just discussions of reform which are being drowned out by other noise in the media. To the people pulling the strings, it's simply a waiting game. As we saw with Benghazi, Fast and Nsa wanted bored here, etc. I have little confidence that enough people are awake to change that, and the same thing is being played against the anti-surveillance crowd. Unless we can change the messages from the media, nothing will change. Word of mouth is something that works, but is also very taxing on the people that are awake.

Right but there's still a risk to the NSA's strategy, that being that if Snowden feels the NSA has hijacked the agenda, he just dumps the whole lot and let's the press have a field day. The press loves scandal, scandals are going to get far more press time than wishy-washy nonsense statements direct from the NSA. So if the NSA is going to do this they're going to have to be careful they don't piss Snowden off too much by completely and utterly lying about their activities else it may backfire completely and t.

Only to selected media outlets, and the fact they've been drip feeding is the exact point. He still has the option of an all out dump to everyone if he feels the NSA is hijacking the agenda from the select few media outlets that are only dripping very slowly.

Yes, I'm well aware that he stated that, but it doesn't mean he can't get access to the data again if he wanted to, if he doesn't actually still have it anyway. I doubt for even an absolute second that he actually relinquished all methods of being able to access it, possibly leaving a copy Nsa wanted bored here a friend, or on a server somewhere.

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Hell, by the sounds of it the last Wikileaks gb insurance dump is exactly that data so he presumably knows the key and could hence probably just as well download it if he wants t. Or not. Based on my experience with fear mongering, I'm willing to bet my house that it will be not very bad after all. We already have no reason to trust them. If they want us to believe them, they're Nsa wanted bored here to have to use such opportunities to be verifiable rather than "take our word for it". Many people have woken up and not recently either and understand that they are realistically no longer in control of their government.

They just don't know what to do about it. Can we keep this discussion going: What CAN we do about this situation? Ideas like vote third party, organize protests, write your representative, seem too feeble and toothless. We need massive protests to get even a tiny impact. The closest thing to this was the occupy movement, and it failed miserably. Voting seems almost point. Seems like sarcasm, but just in case. The made up statement of "millions of terrorists" needs to be proven before we could prove the NSA stops them.

When we found out that the FBI is recruiting most "terrorists", assisting them with plans, and providing them fake materials, it became obvious that Nsa wanted bored here are very few terrorists. I'm pretty sure that many at the NSA believe that they really are doing the right thing, just like most at the FBI would believe they are doing the right thing.

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Nsa wanted bored here "belief" is no different than the person who believes that these agencies are required to keep them safe from non-existent threats. It does not make the threat exist. They will own it in public statements, or at least they will own part of itand they will tell you to get over it.

They will then go on to even Nsa wanted bored here excesses and violations. They will attempt to have laws passed making encryption a crime again. Such communication could be used for all sorts of double-plus ungood purposes that might undermine the agenda of those who are busily concentrating as much wealth and power as possible, to protect us all from the burdens of opportunity of course.

As for outlawing envelopes, there's no need. We've already got the technology to read the ink right through the paper can't be bothered to find the. I found it fascinating when Obama made these claims -- that he was going to review and fix the entire NSA program any day now and that Snowden just forced him to do it in a rush instead of carefully. I think it's become clear that you can't believe anything Obama says. That's not "fascinating", it's deeply disturbing in the top executive of our government.

The president is supposed to be boring, honest, and careful; instead, we got an activist and a liar.

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The last boring, honest, and careful president that the USA elected was Jimmy Carter, and look how popular he is. His successor was the opposite, and look how popular he is. It seems to me that the USA does not want boring, honest, and careful, it wants and gets flimflam artists.

Yes, US policy is thoroughly corrupt because money talks in US elections. But why does this work? Because the US electorate wants their flimflam. They don't want honest and careful candidates, and certainly not boring ones. They want show and glitz and scandal and outrage. And the more money you have as a politician, the more flimflam you can serve up. Whereas European politics is thoroughly corrupt because party power talks in European politics. I'll take money politics over party politics any day. Many US presidents in those years were pretty boring and ineffectual, in part because the federal government mattered very little to most people's lives.

Given their record of factuality in their official statements this whole bruhaha about "openess" it is more likely to be lie. Nsa wanted bored here for Understatement of the Week, you'd have won it! I think it's amusing how people quote agencies like the NSA to repeat how "Snowden has damaged our security and is perhaps a traitor" -- it's as if people have a disconnect between; "These guys were just lying about everything, and now they've confirmed it, and you still act like this is an agency with authority and integrity and they are now telling you who the big enemy is. It's going to be even funnier if they start admitting to things that Snowden didn't have dirt on; "And let me explain this picture yo.

We were secretly giving Americans Nsa wanted bored here probes during their sleep. It was for your own good so that the terrorists wouldn't win. True, but think about it. The truth is the truth; if your defined enemy has you by the balls blackmailwhy let him continue to apply pressure to your testicles?

Nsa wanted bored here

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Nsa wanted bored here