Most beautiful women in the history

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. With the Edwardian era, which lasted from tocame many life improvements that we still use today, such as electricity, cars, and vacuum cleaners.

Still, it has also given us a fair share of bizarre facts, most of them concerning women. For instance, the beautiful women of the Edwardian Era used Belladonna, a highly poisonous and even lethal plant, drops to make their pupils dilate, making the women look aroused I'm not making this up, promise. They have also smeared their faces with lead cream to make them look pale.

Oh, and a faint smell of dame's sweat was deemed very desirable by young gentlemen and even got a name as 'bouquet de corsage' literally 'smells of the bodice'. And to top it all of, for a brief time in the Edwardian era, nipple piercing was the biggest trend again, check it if you don't believe me. Despite these absurd beauty trendsthe era gave us some of the most beautiful women and emancipated ladies, on which you can read in our list of the 15 noteworthy dames of the time.

The list was compiled by Vintage Everyday, who picked the vintage beauties out of their huge collection. And don't be shocked to see that the beauty standards were absolutely different than today's - pale Most beautiful women in the history, dark hair, dreamy gaze, and super slim waists were the hits of this vintage style.

This post may include affiliate links. Beginning as star in the s, Elsie built her reputation in several successful Edwardian musical comedies before her great success in The Merry Widow, opening in Afterwards, she starred in several more successful operettas and musicals. Admired for her beauty and charm on stage, Elsie became one of the most photographed women of Edwardian times. This goes to show that you DON'T have to "duck lips' to look beautiful. Just take what you already have and enhance it. Natural beauty is best.

Dame Gladys Constance Cooper was an English actress Most beautiful women in the history career spanned seven decades on stage, in films and on television. Beginning on the stage as a teenager in Edwardian musical comedy and pantomime, she was starring in dramatic roles and silent films before the beginning of the First World War. Later on, she became a manager of the Playhouse Theatre, where she played many roles, was winning praise in plays by W. Somerset Maugham and others, was starring steadily both in the West End and on Broadway, and was nominated for three Academy Awards.

Marie Doro was an American stage and film actress of the early silent film era.

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She was first noticed as a chorus-girl by impresario Charles Frohman, who took her to Broadway, where she also worked for William Gillette of Sherlock Holmes fame, her early career being largely moulded by these two much-older mentors. Although generally typecast in lightweight feminine roles, she was in fact notably intelligent, cultivated and witty. Although I can't deny the overall improvement in role diversity be it male or female, both have gotten better. Minnie Brown was an actress and performer who spent from to entertaining in Europe, Russia, and the Far East.

She was part of the circle of very successful African-American women performers who were based in Russia during those years who included Ollie Burgoyne, Pearl Hobson, and Georgette Harvey. Sadly I have a feeling they were half way around the world in a foreign country and culture because their own country wasn't as "accepting.

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Maude Fealy was an American stage and silent film actress who survived into the talkie era. At the age of three, she performed on stage with her mother, Margaret Fealy, and went on to make her Broadway debut in the production of Quo Vadis, again with her mother.

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Between andshe frequently toured with Sir Henry Irving's company in the United Kingdom and by was the star in touring productions in the United States. Beautiful girl. Sadly, if she was trying to get into acting now, they'd practically insist she get a nose-job. Aida Overton Walker, aka "The Queen of the Cakewalk", was an African-American vaudeville performer, actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, and wife of vaudevillian George Walker.

She appeared with her husband and his performing partner Bert Williams, and in groups such as Black Patti's Troubadours. She was also a solo dancer and choreographer for vaudeville shows such as Bob Cole, Joe Jordan, and J. Dudley's His Honor the Barber Ethel Warwick was a British stage actress. During her teenage years, before becoming an actress, Ethel was a nude model, posing for, among others, James McNeil Whistler. Evelyn Nesbit was a popular American chorus girl and artists' model.

In the early part of the 20th century, her figure and face was everywhere, appearing in mass Most beautiful women in the history newspaper and magazine advertisements, on souvenir items and calendars, making her a cultural celebrity. Her career began in her early teens in Philadelphia and continued in New York, where she posed for a cadre of respected artists of the era, James Carroll Beckwith, Frederick S.

This woman led a fascinating life! There are at least two books written about her. Both excellent re! Ethel Clayton was an American actress of the silent film era.

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Her screen debut came inin a short called Justified. She jockeyed her early film appearances with a burgeoning stage career. Her pretty brunette looks were reminiscent of the famous Gibson Girl drawings by Charles Dana Gibson. On the stage, she appeared mainly in musicals or musical reviews such as The Ziegfeld Follies of These musical appearances indicate a singing talent Clayton may have possessed but went unused in her Most beautiful women in the history silent screen performances.

Her screen credits more than She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in and is also remembered for her appearances in the Topper series. Burke's voice was unique in intonation, which she accentuated in her later character roles as dim-witted, spoiled society types. Camilla Antoinette Clifford, aka "the quintessential Gibson Girl", was a Belgian-born stage actress and the most famous model for the "Gibson Girl" illustrations. Her towering coiffure and hourglass figure defined the Gibson Girl style.

Photographs of her taken by Lizzie Caswall Smith in often appear in historical fashion books and on websites to illustrate the Edwardian style. Her trademark style was a long, elegant gown wrapped around her tightly corseted, eighteen-inch wasp waist. Holey moley! I need to get me a corset. She's beautiful regardless of it.

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Ethel Barrymore was an American stage and film actress whose distinctive style, voice, and wit made her the "first lady" of the American theatre. Ethel Barrymore starred for the first time on Broadway in She also appeared in vaudeville, on radio and television and in several films. During the s and s, she made only one film. Annette Marie Sarah Kellermann was an Australian professional swimmer, vaudeville star, film actress, writer, and business owner.

She was one of the first women to wear a one-piece bathing costume, instead of the then-accepted pantaloons. Kellerman's swimming costumes became so popular, that she started her own fashion line of one-piece bathing suits. Kellermann helped popularize the sport of synchronised swimming; and authored a swimming manual. She appeared in several movies and was the first major actress to appear nude in a Hollywood production. Anyone can write on Bored Panda.

Start writing! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard. Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when Most beautiful women in the history embed. Please check link and try again. This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. Classy photos. Just goes to show, you don't need to be tacky to be beautiful Move over Kardashians and take a look at true beauty.

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Every single woman is beautiful in their own way, inside and out and it isn't right to judge someone based on their looks. No one is judging them. They're just pictures of beautiful women. Maybe they need to run some pictures of the most accomplished women, the most scandalous women, the smartest women, etc. This one just happens to be about the most beautiful women. These pictures are a part of history, their value as moments in time are far greater than any beauty competition based on modern ideals.

I doubt many see them as anything other than excellent sources of historical value. Funny how sexy and beautiful these women looked WITH their clothes on. No twerking. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter address We will not spam you.

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Most beautiful women in the history

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