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We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. So, how are you going to deal with it when it happens? The other day I found myself on the end of a four day no contact session and I was about to lose my mind. I had just been out to see him for two weeks and everything was great. Did I say something? Did he change his mind?

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Was he on the fence about our relationship or sick of talking to me? Why the need for space? I had a low grade, gnawing anxiety that sat in the pit of my stomach waiting for the truth to be revealed. By close to the fifth day I received a text. Everything was fine. I had done all this worrying for nothing? The woman has to be able to give him enough space to let the rubber band stretch. If the man pulls too far back the rubber band can break and then you face a much harder time rekindling the relationship. Men do not see their success in terms of their relationships like women do.

A man can only handle so much intimacy before he goes into oxytocin overload and has to pull away. While we are glowing in the after effects of emotional bonding a man is feeling stressed and in need of some independence. This is by far the hardest part for us women. We like to make up all kinds of stories in our he and try to explain why he is doing what he is doing or how we can fix it or what it all means.

I know this part is not easy. Most will tell you to Men rubber band intimacy out and go have fun with friends, or pick up a hobby or do something to get your mind off it. Some of us, especially those with anxious attachments are going to obsess so telling me not to obsess is like telling me not to breathe. Not going to happen. So, instead I try to minimize my obsessions and thoughts and replace them with more positive thoughts. Compared to how I used to obsess in the past I am way better. Although I did obsess a bit, I was proud of myself for not totally freaking out Men rubber band intimacy I was proud of the fact that the anxiety was not as bad as it used to be.

Life is about the journey and the progress we make along the way. Recognize this. This is similar to worrying and can not only destroy your peace of mind but can also destroy your relationship if you let it. A word of caution here: if you are dating a man who exhibits avoidant characteristics be prepared because the worst probably will happen. Men who are avoidant are not secure and they cannot reassure you or be there for you or waylay your fears. I dated an avoidant man for two and a half years and it was absolute torture. He would disappear, then show up, then disappear again.

Everything was about his timeline and his comfort zone. It was utterly exhausting. But, being with him taught me to sit with my fears and quell them little by little. If the guy Men rubber band intimacy are dating is avoidant then you will be in a constantly abnormal rubber band cycle and I suggest you do some soul searching and figure out why you would want someone like that in the first place.

If you are with a normal, secure guy then he will ebb and flow out of the relationship and imagining the worst is not going to help you feel good about things and can eat away at the relationship from the inside out. Actually, you will probably be better off in the long run. To be honest, when he did show back up I was a little pissed.

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Certainly he KNEW he was going somewhere that he might not have cell service or wi-fi and certainly he could have taken like 30 seconds to tell me this, right? However, before saying anything I realized communicating these types of what to him are unimportant details is not his strong suit and never has been. Do I really want to say something about his inability to think about me and my needs? Bad idea. No Men rubber band intimacy. No nagging. I was happy to hear from him and in fact, I was.

In the scheme of things you need to determine what are deal breakers and what are not and what are specific boundaries you have and what you can let slide.

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The next thing he did was send me a picture of him out in nature in some amazingly beautiful scenario. Nagging will get more withdrawal. Now, this can be a fine line you have to walk because there is giving him space and him just being a jerk.

The amount of time and space they are allowed to take also differs depending on the stage of your relationship. After our first date my now boyfriend texted me on the way home and made plans to see me the following day. Guys do what they want. Remember this.

If you are pushy you will turn him off but if you put up no boundaries then you may lose his respect and he may not see you as something valuable. I have to admit I did terribly during this stage. Assess his situation.

Be willing to be flexible, but not walked all over. If you are in a committed relationship then you can discuss these things more openly and easily. By this time you should know him, his communication patterns and his quirks a little better. Never assume everything is over the minute he goes two days without contacting you. Most of those fears are probably based on prior experiences, prior relationships and your own insecurities.

Be yourself. Acknowledge your fears and insecurities. If going out with friends helps, then do that. If you need to journal or talk or run or get away for a few days then do that. For me, being with a securely attached individual has made all the difference.

Try to recognize what issues are yours and what are his. Take responsibility for your own, for dealing Men rubber band intimacy them and fixing them. Accept yourself and decide that you deserve love and try your very hardest to imagine the best outcome. Continue doing this and over time things will change for you my friend. I promise. There is Men rubber band intimacy 23 ur dif between me and my bf. Idk wat to do! I love this man deeply pls help me with ur advice. Hi, Your son is still. He has a right to feel how he feels. I would feel the same way.

Great article Carrie. This really helps me understand men and dating, especially when it is coming Men rubber band intimacy someone whose anxieties parallel my own. Thank you. And question: did you go out to see your now boyfriend the next day? Thanks Anna! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. While we are glowing in the after effects of emotional bonding a man is feeling stressed and in need of some independence What NOT To Do Obsess This is by far the hardest part for us women. Imagine the worst This is similar to worrying and can not only destroy your peace of mind but can also destroy your relationship if you let it.

Nag him when he comes back To be honest, when he did show back up I was a little pissed. What TO Do Be yourself. This post contains affiliate links.

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Please read our Disclaimer. Carrie L. Share This Story! Facebook Twitter. About the Author: Carrie L. As a sexual abuse survivor that struggled for years with depression anxiety, low self-esteem, self-love and relationship issues she found her purpose through writing and sharing her story with others.

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Men Are Like Rubber Bands: Why Men Pull Away