How to make a girl choose between two guys

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This article was written by a professional love strategist. If you want to learn the 7 Little Love Steps. The conundrum that dating presents is that you may talk or go out with several men at the same time. The problem is: what happens when you end up caring for two of them? Right long term. You love that Peter texts you first thing in the morning to make sure you slept well and that you have a good day…. Adam on this free webinar to discover the 3 steps to building emotional attraction. The comparison and contrast go on and on. How in the hell did you end up with two amazing guys?

Now the decision of how to choose between two men is stressing you out, and you need help, stat. Things are escalating emotionally with each one and you know you have to make a decision so you can set one free to find his own happiness. Take a deep breath. Turn off your phone and pull out your journal. So yes, Peter might be a Nordic god while Dave is tall, dark, and handsome, but what else draws you to them?

Do you spend ificant quality time with either man or does it seem to be centered around having sex?

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But how well does it align with what you want? Does he have a job transfer looming in the nearish future? These are all things to take into consideration as you figure out how to choose between two men. Making a list can help you in how to choose between two men. Read it twice: once with each man in mind. For example, maybe your list says you want someone who has all his hair.

But Peter is thinning. Is that really a dealbreaker? Probably not. Perhaps Peter had a How to make a girl choose between two guys and you really want. Or he is obsessive-compulsive when it comes to keeping his house clean. Big or small, there are likely things that should make you hesitate before moving forward in a relationship. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and Match. Lust, naturally, is more sexually driven, while attraction is when your feelings start being a little more emotional.

Then attachment, which still involves oxytocin in the brain, is more about that emotional bond that physical one. That being said… what is that chemistry between you two like? Do you find yourself thinking about being intimate with one or the other man? If you have been, do you walk away fulfilled? Are you equally matched in your desire? The man you choose should make you feel like a better version of you. The man you choose as your partner should make you feel happy and want to be the best girlfriend — and one day wife — that you can be.

He should never ever make you feel small, unattractive, or unworthy.

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Which version of you do you like better? Which is more authentic? Will you cook vegan meals for the two of you at home? Ideally, you want to pick the man who matches how you feel about him. And you should choose a man who has no problem communicating his feelings to you. Do you have proof or at least a strong reason to think so? It might be worth having a conversation with him to find out.

Once those feelings are confirmed, your problem of how to choose between two men may be solved. Now: which man will you choose? Just say aloud the name that comes to your lips. Not really? Well then, you knew already who you would choose! But I get it. Sometimes we struggle to trust our intuition about big decisions. After all, it often whispers without any evidence to base its opinion on. And so we ignore it. And yet, down the road, we find that the voice was right, and that ignoring it was at our own peril.

So trust your gut a little with this decision. It may know more than your brain right now. Let me leave you with a few tips to make the decision and then help you let one unlucky man down gently. I know you feel like the sooner you can figure out who you want to be with, the better. But realize this is a How to make a girl choose between two guys decision!

Not to put too much pressure on you, but it could impact the rest of your life. So take your time. Journal about it. Talk to friends. Simmer over it in a hot bubble bath. Whatever you need, and however long you need. Just carve out a few evenings or weekends to think about it. So you could be trying to piece together all three with more than one man. In this case, you may be better off pulling away from both men and holding out for the whole enchilada. No matter what you say, the conversation may not go that well.

Be okay with that. He may feel hurt if he felt like he was falling for you, and he may lash out angrily. You take a risk in love every day, and this is no different. So tell me: have you ever had to struggle with how to choose between two men? What helped you make the decision, and looking back, do you feel it was the right decision at the time? Leave a comment below.

My true passion in life is transforming your love life by giving you specific tools and techniques that you can use to attract long lasting love. I got started when Read Adam's Story. Thanks for your article. I am having a problem on how to choose between two guys. But all of a sudden the first guy just ended the relationship and walk away saying that he was not ready for the relationship after introducing me to his family.

So we went our separate ways. What has everyone else suggest? Same here both guys care about me more. Both r good. What to do. It was still hard making the decision but after reading this all I wanted to tell you was, move on.

The new guy came and showed you everything you wanted … ». Be happy with the second guy …he loves you irrespective of knowing ur past First guy can repeat the same mistake again than wat u will do. So better think about future. However if you had to pick one of them, think about it this way.

Just something to think about. Maybe you could pray about it too and ask God to show you who the right man in your life should be. If you have to ask this question then your current partner is not the right one, you should never have any doubts about who you want to be with. But, I go to school he is homeschooled we and other kids do an after school activity but I met a boy 6 months ago that walks me home everyday, makes me happy, is cute go to my school, and always laughs at everything I say.

I … ». I know it might really hurt, but personally I believe you should seriously rethink your relationship with guy 2. If youre lacking something with him, he miht not be the one. I know nobody is perfect but if you dont love him as much he might not be it.

Guy 1 i dont believe he deserves a second chance after he hurt you and walked away. He may be How to make a girl choose between two guys but the damage is already done and you have already healed. I hope you dont cut open an old scar.

Maybe there is someone else out there waiting for you?

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I almost lost him while trying to decide and with that helped me to realize that he was the better choice, I was afraid to be vulnerable to another man after the first one kind of disappointed me but I still dealt with him because I … ». One is an ex and the other is a older man I met who helped me build back up after my ex. Me and my ex split up after we lost our baby and we kinda just lost the flame.

He came back saying it was a mistake. The older man takes care of me financially and he is stable.

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My ex is trying to make me believe he can be good and not to worry because we will be okay no matter what. I just worry in my … ». I have to choose at 12 who I stay with. I hate this, I wish I could just leave and be all alone.

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He did not put me first in the marriage, would not communicate but continued to say that he loved me. He is trying so hard to get back with me he has made changes he now communicates and realizes that I have to be one in his life. He wants to remarry me but as of last summer someone I knew 40 years ago came into my lifeI consider him such a good friend my children and my … ». I found this interesting to reply to based on what you wrote.

How to make a girl choose between two guys

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