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New Mexican girls are tough as nails. We Girls in new mexico our desert life, and you will too. What can we say? We like to get out! The next, skiing. Then, white water rafting. We roll out at 8 am! We have very eclectic playlists. Country, mariachi, rock and roll, punk, pop, blues, folk, even opera from those times we drag you to SFO.

Get ready for some very interesting road trip playlists. We earned our stripes with margaritas and 4 Lokos, so we can drink you under the table no problem. We had dinner reservations at 8? Just let it happen. We have bigger cars than you, we drive faster than you, we eat more than you, we drink more than you, we work harder than you, we kick way more ass than you.

So rise to the challenge and be a good partner to us. And we can get green chile delivered to our new home.

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