Fear of beautiful men

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Hi Celes, I have been reading your blog since 2 years ago. Your tips are amazing and have helped me a lot. This is shameful to admit. Whenever I see a handsome man, I feel that he should like me and fall in love with me.

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I feel terrible to think like that. I have a boyfriend and I want to live with him. What should I do? Imagine this: You go to a party and you see someone good looking. You start to feel nervous, unlike yourself. For guys, maybe you get sweaty palms. For girls, maybe you play Fear of beautiful men and hope that the guy comes over to talk to you. It can be anywhere, at work, when meeting someone new, when going on a blind date, etc. Perhaps you see someone good looking and you get nervous, excited.

To understand why such feelings get triggered, we need to first understand the fundamental truth surrounding beauty. The reality is that everyone is beautiful. Not more or less beautiful, but equally beautiful.

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You are beautiful in your own way. I am beautiful in my own way.

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We are all uniquely and equally beautiful, not more or less than others. The basic message surrounding beauty today is that some people are more beautiful than others, and some looks are more attractive than others. When you trace the evolution of beauty standards over time, you will see that. As you can see, beauty standards have historically been used to differentiate one group from another. The attributes of the affluent would be used as the starting point for what was considered beautiful then.

The features considered beautiful would change over time, based on whatever was associated with the rich. Of course, this segmentation is faulty and not true. Whether a person is born with XYZ features has no bearing on their beauty or worth. This brings me to my main Fear of beautiful men. If you feel nervous around attractive people, or you feel negatively affected by handsome men or beautiful women like Kristi, it boils down to your underlying associations with attractive people.

When you dig into this nervousness, perhaps you perceive beautiful women as better, more worthy than other women. Attractive women are sought after Fear of beautiful men other men, and they turn he and are desired by many.

Why, though? Girls swoon over them; people regard them highly because of their looks.

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They are the object of attention and affection by other women and even men. And why would this matter? And the attention of someone who is Fear of beautiful men, desirable, and respected will make you feel that way. In either case, is the answer to seek affirmation from an attractive person? Of course not. For some people it is, and they spend their entire lives chasing after the affections of so-and-so attractive people, without ever knowing as much as the personality and true self of the person they are in love with.

The real answer is to understand your stories surrounding attractive people, and to address your inner voids triggering these feelings.

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Because it is your stories surrounding beauty and yourself that you are reacting to, not the supposed attractive people. Uncovering your inner self, and discovering your life purpose and values, is a good start. My Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program is a great kickstarter program to get you moving toward your ideal life.

Understand why you have a low self-worth. An attractive woman is like a validator of your worth, because she is recognized as worthy by others. Of course this is not true since your worth is not defined by others, but yourself. This is the same for any gap or deficiency you feel in the presence of attractive people.

If an attractive person makes you feel negative, Fear of beautiful men, or even unattractive, understand why. Dig into this feeling.

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Your nervousness mirrors a feeling of deficiency in your life. Understanding it, and addressing it from within, will help you remove this endless push-pull feeling you have when meeting such people. Or rather, to feel excited meeting them simply because you are excited to meet someone new. You want to connect with people authentically, as themselves. To see someone as who they are, not based on a fantasy or conditioning.

In the end they are just living in their own mental projections.

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Lastly, remember that every look is beautiful, equally beautiful. You have been taught to perceive conventionally handsome men and beautiful women as attractive, and they are indeed attractive people. The next step is to open your eyes to see other looks as beautiful too — because they are as beautiful as the conventionally attractive people you see.

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Fear of beautiful men

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