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D ating a farmer is no joke. Just ask Jerry Miller, founder of FarmersOnly. But Miller is thrilled when people stumble on his delightfully goofy commercials for the site. These days, he can rattle off the celebrities that have gently poked fun at the site and its advertisements from Ellen Degeneres to Carrie Underwood to Carmelo Anthony.

Miller, who works in agricultural marketing, got the idea to start the dating service when he kept meeting lonely Farmers only com commercial through his work. Living in a rural area where the nearest neighbor is miles away and everyone knows each other does not leave a lot of dating options. Suburban sprawl has wiped out a lot of small farms near urban centers, Miller explains, leaving fewer farms and farmers in the US.

It is also the rural lifestyle. One of the original farmers who inspired Miller to start the site told him she tried regular online dating, but when prospective suitors would invite her to coffee at 9pm, she would have to explain that she needed to go to bed around that time so she could be up early to feed the animals, and the potential relationships would fizzle before they began. A rancher Miller knew went to a singles Farmers only com commercial at the nearest city and when he told women he was a rancher, they looked at him in confusion.

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Not everyone turns their nose up at a rancher. Reality TV shows like the Fabulous Beekman Boysabout a successful couple from the city who gave up their careers to raise goats for milk, can make farming look easy, but the lifestyle shift would be difficult for most who were not raised with it. The dairy farmers Miller knows talk about not taking a single day of vacation for over 15 years, working seven days a week to keep their farms going. These days Miller happily points to marriages that resulted from his website between like-minded individuals.

While Miller does not push marriage, and is in fact happy if his site can provide companionship of any kind to subscribers, even if it is just someone tohe is firmly against his site Farmers only com commercial used to facilitate hookups. Despite all his us-against-them talk and bewilderment when it comes to anyone working 9 to 5 in a fluorescent-lit office Miller seems unable to comprehend how I can enjoy living in New York CityMiller himself bucks one stereotype of rural people.

His website is for all rural dwellers, including gay and lesbian ones.

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It seems the days of Brokeback Mountain are long gone. Online dating. Photograph: Courtesy of farmersonly. Olga Oksman. Sun 27 Nov Love me Tinder — tales from the frontline of modern dating.

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