Famous student teacher affairs

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When a parent leaves their child with a teacher, they assume that this teacher will not only educate them, but look after them and keep them safe, at least to the best of their abilities.

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They will nurture their talents and strengthen their weaknesses, and hopefully help turn them into intelligent, thoughtful individuals. When a parent leaves their child with a Famous student teacher affairs, they do not expect that teacher to prey on their child, to manipulate their children into a dark and twisted relationship that abuses a position of authority. They do not expect that teacher to engage in intimate actions and harm their children. Perhaps the parents of the children whose abusers were these 15 teachers have a far different view of the education system than they used to.

Some of these teachers might be familiar to you and some might be brand new, but rest assured that all are pretty repulsive. The victims, now all grown women in their fifties, stated that the attacks inflicted by Kloman lasted seconds or even minutes, and that the school knew what was happening, but did nothing to intervene. The victims chose not to say anything for a while, probably because they felt frustrated and ashamed that the school administration was aware of the situation and failed to intervene.

Kloman was only brought to justice after one victim saw him working as a substitute and decided that enough was enough. Ellis got involved with a year-old female student, 21 years his junior, amid marital difficulties, which he decided to share with the minor via text. Some Famous student teacher affairs romantic trysts involved the couple in secluded parking lots near airports.

Her lenient sentence was helped by the fact that 17 is the legal age of consent in the state of Colorado, where the case took place, although it is never legal between a student and teacher. Math can be the least favourite subject of a lot of high school students, but for one particular year-old in New Hampshire, Math was even worse, thanks to teacher Chris LeBlanc. The relationship began in November ofbut the jig was up by March of Brian Woolsey was in his early forties when he first engaged in a three-year relationship with an underage student, who was 15 when the relationship began in During those three years, the victim stated that she and Woolsey engaged in intercourse about times, the first of which took place in his classroom!

There was also a video depicting the victim performing oral stimulation on Woolsey. The Arizona couple was arrested when the victim finally came forward, and both were charged. The Famous student teacher affairs had two young children at the time, who were taken away from them, owing to the nature of their crimes. At the very least, she soon realized that this statement was ludicrous, being that she was a woman in her thirties in a position of authority, and changed her tune.

Now, Altice claims that her low self-esteem is what caused her to seek out the affections of three underage students between and The relationships were so developed, one of the year-olds claimed that Altice was his girlfriend. During her affairs with these students, trysts would take place in her car in a church parking lot and during school hours. In a rare display of dropping the hammer on a female predator, Altice was sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison, with a minimum of two years to be served.

Rather than waste her time trying to seduce and manipulate a student into being her illicit lover, Mississippi private school teacher Sheral Smith opted for a different approach: drugs. In Famous student teacher affairs summerSmith used Xanax to get the year-old student to comply with her demands.

The pair got together for intercourse four times, three at her house, and once at the home of her underage victim. She was sentenced to twenty years in prison, but ended up serving seven after seven months spent in a psychiatric facility following a nervous breakdown. While that would be bad enough for the married mother of three, it got worse once Respess was involved.

Owing to their history, the teen was able to get intimate with Dufresne, and watched the two teachers get intimate with each other, but he was unable to perform for Respless. Dufresne, for her part, offered to help things along — by getting him some Viagra! Both women were charged, but shockingly, as of AprilDufresne was found not guilty, owing to the untrustworthiness of the Famous student teacher affairs.

To have one of your children kidnapped is absolutely terrifying, but imagine if you found out that she was kidnapped by her own teacher and taken to a clothing-optional hippy commune after six weeks on the run? The pair fled from Tennessee to rural California, where the commune was located, and pretended to be a married couple named John and Joanna, aged 44 and The two would regularly make out in full view of the other commune residents, but some described the gross relationship as more fatherly than dominant or aggressive — which is nasty all on its own!

After they were ejected from the commune for failing to integrate, they fled to a campsite. Sometimes, teacher-student relationships can grow into dangerous obsession, which was exactly the case for North Carolina dance teacher Michelle White.

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Oh, and she also got tattoos of the child she abused! Pretty messed up, no? The youngest student to be molested on this list, the perpetrator behind these crimes definitely earned a spot on the list of most cringe-worthy and downright disgusting student-teacher affairs.

She also slept with his year-old brother. Texas teacher Alexandria Vera was 24 when she got involved with a year-old eighth-grader, with whom she had intercourse repeatedly. Perhaps the child was too young to know about the birds and the bees, because he ended up impregnating Vera — who then claimed that his family was thrilled about the newest turn of events!

Once school administrators and police Famous student teacher affairs sniffing around about the couple, Vera terminated the pregnancy, but the damage was already done. Vera was sentenced to 10 years in prison in January She will be eligible for parole in five. Brink was caught in the act of trying to entice a year-old, and used instant messaging to describe in great detail all the disgusting acts he wanted to perform on the minor. Otherwise, he might have been more suspicious and not been caught out by the Famous student teacher affairs girl who was actually an undercover police officer!

After trying to arrange a meeting with the fictional teen at a park, Brink was picked up, where he immediately began recanting his stories. A teacher in her early twenties inSmart was considered a hip and likeable young woman, partly owing to her interest in heavy metal music.

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She caught the eye of year-old student Billy Flynn, and Smart soon saw a way out of her unhappy marriage: using this lovesick student to meet her own nefarious ends. Smart convinced Flynn to murder her husband and arrange it to look like a robbery. Smart, as part of her seduction of Flynn, threatened to stop having intercourse with the minor if he failed to comply with her demands.

A stone-cold femme fatale, Smart was eventually convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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She still maintains her innocence. Billy Flynn, on the other hand, was sentenced to 25 years for his role in the crimes, and was recently released in A relative soon discovered the affair, and Letourneau served six months in jail. Despite being ordered to stay away from the young teen, Letourneau came back, Famous student teacher affairs was impregnated AGAIN, giving birth to their second daughter while still in custody in She ended up serving the rest of her sentence and was released in In a weird twist, Letourneau and her victim-turned-lover married in !

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Famous student teacher affairs

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Teacher's Pet: Mary Kay Letourneau and the Forever Shocking Story of Her Student Affair