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Opposition of the returned soldiers seenwd to hare decided the straggle. Without committing themsehres on the question of calling off the sympathetic strike, executiires of the central strike committee an- nooBced to bcal authorities tonight that the Metal Trades Councfl has accepted the coUectire bargaming pkm outlined by offidab of the TuOway brotherhoods who have been attemptmg to bring about strike settlement by conciliation.

Federal and prorincial esecutiTes huTe formally gone Dating granny La Solfera record Ihay win not participate fai any oondHatory settlement plan until the thousands of unkm men are returned to wwk. The eisht-hour day which the men had demanded will so into force June The day will include a half hour rest for underground workers, and also increased wages. It is estimated, he said, that the output for twelve monthti from July next, when reduced hours will go into force, will be under ,-tons a year, compared with , tons in The consumption of coal for inland purposes and for steamship bunkers in wasIn order, therefore, to pre- serve the same quantity of coal for Inland consumption and for bunkers from July,all the present re- strictions on consumption must be fully maintained and exports must be reduced to 38,, tons annually.

It is estimated that the deflolt on the coal industry during the twelve. JuB« 6. The poUce raided cafes last oicht, seised seditious literature and made several arrests. An important trial has begun St Mines, in Upper Egypt. The military courts have dealt exp«ditioiuly with a large of rioting and pillage cases. Seven death sentences were passed, but only four were confirmed. Those executed in- cluded a well-known brigand chief, and those condemned in- clude many other notorious evil- doers.

The slight tone of optln. Politicai observers here believe Count von Brockdorff-Ranteau holds a slight strategic advantage for rea- sons outaido those that mipht bo contained in his counter-propos-ils.

The trace of optimism Is explained by events which it Is believed he-re will ultimately work out to Count Brqckdorff - Ilantsau's advantage. German optimism is by no meana ovcr-reachlsg Itself. It Is basea rather on the expectation that In view of the liberality and boldmsa of the German counter-draft, the Entente leaders will not dare tQ assume the moral responsibility of slami. Calmer Say Comparative calm again spread through Winnipeg this afternoon after three of the most vivid days M the city's history.

The pi-oclamatlon of Mayor Chas. Gray forbidding public parades received the endorsement of nearly every faction Dating granny La Solfera in the general strike. Winnipeg's police force was supple- mented today by more than 1. I did not tell you all. JTe asked for more constables, and he got them. Gray said the elty will have 3, Dating granny La Solfera soldiers on Its emergency police force before pre- sent mobilisations plans arc completed.

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The meeting nt Dating granny La Solfera Park was purely a strike gathering. William K Ivens. One delegation went to the Mayor's office said another to police headquarters, where protests were maAe that the Mayor's proclama- tion was Illegal. Mayor Gray ordered the stop of all parades and forbade the congregation of crowds on the city streets.

GRAY, Itoyor. Thin unH will be com- waflad by Capt R. The resolution waa forwarded Premier Borden. June 6. Since the order of the City Council was passed legalizing this form of trans- portation, every vehicle on four wheels with gas engine equipment has made its way upon the public thoroughfares, thus putting to naught the effect that was expected to be achieved by the closing down of the street car system.

Strikers who have found their Idlo- ness Irksome have themselves en- tcred upon the Jitney business. Num- bers of theso have been haled befora the bar of the Strike Committee at the Labor Temple, and have been verbal- ly chastised. Thero does not appear to be any danger of a food shortage as u can- vass Dating granny La Solfera the situation shows that there are supplies of meats, hams and bacon, flsh, frozen and cured, enough to laat the city for a month or two.

Fresh meat Is regularly arriv- ing from the prairie plants, although there Is some difficulty In handling it arid getting it delivered. There waa no change in the postal situation up to tonight. Both inside workers and the mall carriers are at work and show no inclinatWn to heed the strike call.

All mall Is being dis- patched and delivered without diffi- culty. Although the Pony EUprasa Company, which has had the ntall- cotlectlng contract in the city for sev- eral years, experienced some difficulty during the first two days of tfte strike, when the teamsters quit work, sufTl- ctent drivers are now on the Job and the mall is being collected aa usual.

It was decided to taka a atrlka voU, and those at the meeting thereupon cant their ballots.

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These, with the rest of the ballots to be secured, will be counted by the eitecutivo tomorrow afternoon. Organization of a oxJmmlttee which will Include in its membership repre- sentatives of all classes of the citizens who are not In sympathy with the general strike and who will co-oper- ate with the established authorities in carrying on as far as possible the normal life and services of the city, was proceeding today.

The organiz- ation of this committee is planned to have a total membership of ten thousand, it is stated, which will em- brace representatives of three great sections of the population. There will be one section limited to one thousand members composed of business men; there will b« another section of four thousand members composed of re- Dating granny La Solfera war veterans, and there will be a third section composed of 6.

Until the strike Is over, Vancouver's streets will go unwashed and unswcpt.

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Under the exemption clause of the strike call which was put out at the Arena mass meeting last Monday night, six members of the waterworks department will be permitted to con- tinue work, and a force of grave- diggers will also be placed In the same class. A special meeting of the city council will be called, and it was stated tonight that the men will be Dating granny La Solfera but a short time to go back to their work on penalty of being dis- charged. Mayor Gale made this announcement at 1 o'clock today at the termination of a long and earnest discussion with Messrs.

Kavanaugh, Wells and Cot- trell, of the strike committee.

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I am Informed that until the. He had a copy upon his desk underscored with blue pencil. The article was further headed. The reason for the strike committee members visiting Mayor Gale was in answer to a somewhat peremptory letter delivered by courier at strike headquarters at a.

Going upon the assumption that col- lective bargaining Wits the Issue for which the strikers were fighting, Mayor Gale, upon his own Initiative, took the matter up directly with Sir Robert Borden, the Premier, by tele- graph. On Thursday afternoon he wired Ottawa asking for an outline of the Government's attitude towards this issue. The reply was a surprise to the Mayor, because it showed the Premier's favorable attitude towards this principle. Thinking that local misapprehension prevailed, the Mayor, upon receipt of Sir Robert Borden's meaaage today, dictated a letter to the strike com ran- Dating granny La Solfera stating that aa the Government expressed Itself favorably toward col- lective bargaining, the strike commit- tee might consider calling the strike off to terminate present Inconven- iences.

A reply by 12 o'clock was re- quested. The committee recom- ipepds the insertion of a series of new sections In the code. Associations pur- portlfig te bring about, any governmen- tal, industrial or economic changes within Canada by use of fprce are. Any property belonging to sUch an Unlawful association may Dating granny La Solfera seised and forfeited to the Crown. Any mem- ber of any such unlawful association Is liable to imprisonment for not less than one year and not more than 20 years.

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OOO or to Imprisonment for not more than five years, or to both fine and imprison- ment. Penalties or Imprisonment for no less than one year and not more than 20 years are also provided in the case of endeavors to circulate or to Im- port literature recommending resort to force us a means of accomplishing any governmental, Industrial or economic change. The Italians are showing great uneasiness over the unsettled Adriatic problem, as Premier Orlando insists that it must be settled before the Italian Par- Uament meets June The Council of Four considered the Adriatic problem, but no decision was reached.

A Dating granny La Solfera drive all along the line for speedy completion of a reply to Germany has been noticeable for the past few days. It was found Impossible, however, to fix any total amount for allsince the cost of roconstrucllon and restoration In.

Dating granny La Solfera

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