Babysitter for elderly

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This is why many seniors find themselves spending more time at home, which may leave them alone and feeling lonely for long periods of timeā€”even if they live with family members or have part-time in-home caregivers.

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This is where a senior sitter or elderly companion service can play a large role in improving the physical and emotional wellness of such a loved one. Care can take place in a variety of settings such as senior living housing, nursing homeshospitals, rehabilitation facilities, etc. However, elderly sitters can only perform certain tasks that are not medically Babysitter for elderly or involve physical contact such as ADLsso their roles are generally limited to providing basic supervision and companionship that can also include light housekeeping Babysitter for elderly errands depending upon the agreement made with the caregiver.

In general, senior sitters are there to keep seniors company while their family or regular caregivers are away. They also can provide company to the elder while they are in the hospital recovering from a surgery or incident while loved ones go to work or tend to other business. Many senior sitters may also perform homemaker and errand duties as a part of their role, but at an additional cost.

Some of these tasks may include:. If your loved one will be transported by the caregiver or they will be running errands, considerations must be taken. One common misconception is that senior sitters or companions provide the same services as traditional medical caregivers certified home health aides. While their roles are very similar, senior sitters do not provide assistance with activities of daily living such as brushing teeth, bathing, dressing, getting to the toilet, changing disposable garments and so on.

Furthermore, if the beneficiary is in a wheelchair, many senior sitter services and providers require that the individual be able to get into a vehicle by themselves if transportation is to be provided.

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Some may have home care experience and be d to provide additional care, but this will vary depending on whom you or your loved one hire. The benefits of having a senior sitter keeping a friendly, yet watchful eye over an aging loved one who needs a bit of company and assistance are vast. A few of these perks include the following. The Babysitter for elderly is an excellent option for low income seniors, as many local groups offer companion services at reduced costs or for free for qualifying seniors.

Need help finding a senior sitter or companion?

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Contact one of our senior living representatives today on our senior helpline to learn about senior sitters near you today. Since graduating from Harvard with an honors degree in Statistics, Jeff has been creating content in print, online, and on television.

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Babysitter for elderly

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